What We Believe

The Episcopal Church recognizes that each person’s relationship with God is unique and personal. In fact, we are very careful to honor and celebrate that uniqueness, which may help explain why folks who were raised in a variety of Christian traditions have all found a church home at St. John’s.

The people of St. John’s strive to be a warm and caring community of faith.

Our Goal is to Love God; Love our neighbors; and to bring all persons to the knowledge and love of God through Jesus Christ.

At the same time, in common with other Christians throughout the world, Episcopalians hold certain basic beliefs about God and the nature of creation. Those beliefs are summarized in the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed. These Creeds are ancient and basic statements of Christian belief. From the days of the early Church, the Apostles’ Creed has been the public affirmation of the belief of persons who are about to be baptized. The Nicene Creed, which dates from 325 AD, is the most universally accepted statement of the Christian Faith, affirmed by the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Churches, and most Protestant denominations.

In addition to these basic statements of faith set out in the Creeds, Episcopalians believe that the Bible is the Word of God because God inspired its’ authors and because God still speaks to us through scripture with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Bible readings and sermons based on those readings are a central component of our worship. The other central component of worship is Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion, in which we remember Christ’s sacrifice of himself for the world and are spiritually nourished by gathering together around the Lord’s Table. All baptized Christians, from any denomination, are invited to receive Communion at St. John’s.